Brm Bluetooth Remote

Download Brm Bluetooth Remote Control

Remotely control your Windows PC with a J2ME enabled cell phone via Bluetooth.

supported apps

Remote control for Microsoft Powerpoint, iTunes, Winamp, Foobar2000 and basically every media player. Plus you can simulate keystrokes and remotely move mouse.

touch support

Modern touch-enabled phones are fully supported!
Standard keypads and full QWERTY keyboards work too.

energy saving

The app on your cellphone can automatically disconnect and reconnect to save energy and battery life.


Create profiles which control exactly what you want with the keys you want.


Small and powerful. No need for bloated libraries, the PC app is written in C++. The installation is simple and minimal; portable option included.

full source

BSD license means that you can use the code for whatever the hell you want :)
If you are learning MFC or Java ME you will find many useful portions. See the full list of features from the programmer's viewpoint.


Simple plugin architecture allows easy extension of supported apps. Know C++? See how simple it is »


Only the Microsoft Bluetooth driver compatible devices are currently supported.
Check if you can see a Bluetooth logo in the system tray. Windows XP supports a few devices, Windows 7 a whole lot of them.