Brm Bluetooth Remote

Download Brm BT Remote

Brm BT Server for your PC

Brm BT Server runs on your PC and sends commands to apps. It's the application your cell phone connects to.

You'll need to have Microsoft Bluetooth drivers installed (if you can find a Bluetooth logo in the tray, you should be fine).

Download installer (4.3MB Visual C++ 2008 Runtime Library included) OR
Download portable version (ZIP, 216 kB)

note: the cell phone app is included in both packages

Brm BT Client for your cell phone

In case you wanted to donwload it separately.

Should work on pretty much every phone which has Java ME and Bluetooth. Tested on a couple of Nokia S60s, SonyEricssons and LGs.

BrmBtClient.jar (Java ME .jar, 25kB)